Voiceover for podcasts


**Job Description:**

The University of Nebraska System is seeking a talented and passionate voiceover artist to join our team and contribute to our award-winning podcast series. This unique opportunity calls for an individual with a warm, conversational, and storytelling voice, capable of delivering content in a narrative journalism style. Our podcasts are crafted to engage, inform, and inspire our listeners, featuring a mix of interviews, sound effects, music, and professionally produced intros and outros. This role is crucial in ensuring that the final product is not just heard, but felt, creating an immersive experience for our audience.


- Provide voiceover for various podcast episodes, ensuring a consistent and engaging tone that aligns with the series' objectives and style.
- Work closely with the production team to understand the script's nuances and deliver performances that enhance the narrative.
- Record from a professional home studio (or similar setup) to produce high-quality audio files, adhering to provided specifications and deadlines.
- Collaborate with editors and producers to incorporate feedback and make necessary adjustments to voiceover tracks.
- Stay informed about the latest trends in podcasting, voiceover technology, and storytelling techniques to continuously improve and innovate our content.


- Proven experience as a voiceover artist, with a portfolio showcasing your ability to convey stories and emotions effectively.
- Exceptional verbal communication skills, with a natural, warm, and conversational tone that can adapt to narrative journalism.
- Ability to interpret and narrate complex scripts in a way that feels engaging and effortless to listeners.
- Strong technical skills, with the ability to record high-quality audio from a home studio.
- A collaborative spirit and openness to feedback, with a commitment to excellence and innovation in podcast production.

We are excited to welcome a new member to our team who shares our passion for storytelling and our commitment to excellence in podcasting. If you are ready to make a difference with your voice and become a key player in continuing the success of our award-winning series, we encourage you to apply.

You can listen to the final podcasts here: https://soundcloud.com/leading-nebraska

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