Podhax is a two-sided platform that will stand between pioneer companies interested in podcasting and passionate podcast producers. The goal of Podhax is to help people and companies outsource their branded podcast to podcast producers in the same industry or category they need.
We all love podcasting, just like you. But from one side, when you decide to make your show, you may face different problems from the idea, script, recording to the promotion. You can easily outsource all your needs in our platform with pod posts.
On the other side, as a podcast producer, you should take a long journey to get to the monetizing point that you can choose podcasting as your full-time job. Podhax is a new playground for you to take advantage of your talent, experience, and specialties. Our solution is to match both relevant sides to benefit from their potential and capabilities to create more valuable content for their listeners.
If you are a pioneer company looking for a new marketing channel, if you are a smart person who wants to use podcasting for your personal branding, or just anybody who is clever enough to follow new trends, congratulations! You are in the right place.

For podcast passionates

We love podcasting, just like you. But all of us aware of the most critical issue about it, MONETIZING.

One of the biggest problems for most podcasters is that they can hardly make money from their passions.

The 2019 report by Andreessen Horowitz shows that because advertisement has been the most basic channel of income in the podcast industry, nearly 90% of podcasters have an almost negligible share in the podcast market's revenue. Only less than 10% of podcasters can get sponsors because most advertisers only work with podcasts with 50k+ monthly downloads. Unfortunately, it takes a long time for you to get to that point.

But the good news is that advertising is not the only way for you to make money from your passion. Branded content has shown massive growth in the past recent years. More and more companies are implementing it as a part of their content marketing strategy. It now worth around $13 billion market in 2020. But how much is the podcast share?

You might have heard of hundreds of companies worldwide that start their own podcast each day. "Wireframe" by Adobe, "Slack Variety Pack" by Slack, "3.5 Degrees - The Power of Connection" by Facebook, "Command Line Heroes" by Red Hat, "Hackable?" by McAfee and so many other big names are out there.

We believe that right now thousands of companies are planning to do so. They all know the fact that high-quality podcast needs specialty. Hence sooner or later, they all need more podcast specialists to help them to produce their exclusive show as one piece of their branded content puzzles. Just to make sure you can take a look at our job board every day.


Podhax Team

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